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Losing your home and walking away empty handed after years of paying a mortgage and property taxes should Not be an option.  We finance, purchase and revitalize all kinds of properties facing all kinds of hardship in all 50 states by utilizing many different strategies.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.  

Services we Provide to Buyers

  • Act as your Representative or simply advise you from the very beginning to the very end of the buying process
  • Help determine your purchase budget, property location and specifications
  • Interact with your Real Estate salespeople and provide search criteria that will reflect your specifications
  • Accompany you on your walk-thru, uncover potential problems, answer questions and help determine whether or not this is the right property for you
  • Discuss and provide advice on maintenance, repairs, improvements, renovations, additions or new construction projects you may be considering after your purchase
  • Assist you with calculating an offer and reviewing your contract
  • Accompany and interact with your Inspector during the inspection process
  • Review and interpret the Inspection report
  • Compile Inspection report repairs and costs, other repairs, improvements and renovation costs, purchase price and determine whether or not the property meets your specifications and budget
  • Construct a holdings and operations cost sheet
  • Determine whether or not the property in question is the right investment for you
  • Review and interpret your loan documents prior to closing
  • Accompany you or act as your Representative at your closing
  • Interact with your Real Estate Attorney
  • Interview your contractors and ensure they are the right choice for your project
  • Confirm that your contractors are licensed, insured and/or bonded
  • Provide interpretation of your project to your contractors
  • Ensure your contractors’ estimates include all details and completely reflect your scope of work
  • Review, interpret and discuss your contractors’ estimates with you
  • Assist you with or negotiate your contractors’ estimates for you
  • Confirm that your contractor has the necessary permits before starting work
  • Oversee daily progress, workmanship and ensure the contents of your contract have been completed properly
  • Perform a final walk-thru with you to ensure completion and satisfaction of your project
  • Ensure you receive a C of O upon completion of your project