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Losing your home and walking away empty handed after years of paying a mortgage and property taxes should Not be an option.  We finance, purchase and revitalize all kinds of properties facing all kinds of hardship in all 50 states by utilizing many different strategies.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.  

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Insurance Fraud Detection, Prevention, Remediation

Insurance Fraud is a wide-spread problem.  It causes rates to rise and puts unnecessary financial pressure on the insured, eventually preventing people from having insurance.

While most Insurance Companies have a Fraud Detection Department investigating claims, we also provide on the job fraud prevention. In other words, we evaluate a claim, approve the necessary actions to remediate the claim and oversee job site practices. 

Insurance Companies are most susceptible to Fraud when Natural or Man-made disaster strikes.  Whether it’s a hurricane or a fire arising from renovation work, we transform chaos into order and productive operations during times of crisis.  We maintain honesty and integrity between the Insurance Company, the Insured and the Contractor’s ensuring all transactions go as smooth as possible with little to no issues.