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Problem Resolution Specialists

We Save Houses​

Losing your home and walking away empty handed after years of paying a mortgage and property taxes should Not be an option.  We finance, purchase and revitalize all kinds of properties facing all kinds of hardship in all 50 states by utilizing many different strategies.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.  

Property Rescue

Sale Issues
Determine the reason your property is not selling and provide advice and/or assistance or;
If you are in need of moving and the sale of your property is holding you back, we may be able to sell, or purchase, or rent and manage, your property for you, providing you a clean exit preventing damage to your credit.

Investment Turnaround
We will evaluate your single rental property or full portfolio, uncover the causes to your issues, and devise a complete rejuvenation plan to transform it from underperforming to profitable.

Delinquent Taxes and Deed Sales  
Negotiate or purchase your delinquent tax bill before your taxes are auctioned, therefore preventing a deed sale.

Short Sales   
Negotiate a short sale deal between your property and the lender.

Lis Pendens and Foreclosure
Negotiate or purchase your lis pendens before your property goes into foreclosure.  If your property is already in foreclosure, we may be able to purchase it and rent it back to you with the option to buy.

Disaster Management
Whether you have experienced a Natural Disaster or a Man-made Disaster, we transform chaos into order and productive operations during times of crisis.

Court Room Representation
We act as mediator and interview the Client and the Contractor in an attempt to resolve issues and avoid going to court.  If no resolve, we appear in court along-side your Attorney as an Expert Witness.